Birch Ply

Higher Grades

Grade B
Generally, the best grade available for clear finishing. good clean appearance, only minor, natural features, i.e. small pin knots permitted. Note: Normally only available with BB grade reverse.
Grade B/BB
Has one very good clean B Face, the reverse BB side can have patches and other imperfections.
Grade S
Similar to grade B, but allows more natural defects and a few well-made patches – generally good enough quality face for clear finishing or painting. Note: Normally only available as S/BB grade.
WISA-Premium S/BB
A special product supplied by James Latham that has extra fine sanding to one face – ideal for high quality clear finishing, wall linings, acoustic panels and furniture.
Grade BB
The main commercial grade - both faces are grade BB – which allows patches and other knots/imperfections. Suitable for all general work, where face grade not overly important – However, some good quality BB grade boards may even be acceptable for clear finishing or furniture!

Lower Grades

Grade BB/CP and BB/WG
Grade BB face with Wg or CP reverse. Standard commercial grades which are essentially only sound (good) one side – Reverse side can have numerous large knots, open splits/defects and discolouration.
Grade CP
Russian grade – in between BB and Wg used where face appearance not important, i.e. packing crates, furniture carcasses.
Grade C
Similar appearance and use as grade Wg – may be un-sanded with large open defects and discolouration. Sound, solid both sides.
Grade WG
Large knots / patches / open defects, staining and discolouration - used for packing crates and carcass work or where unseen, such as upholstered furniture.

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