Cedar - Western Red

Much sought after because it 'weathers' to an attractive silver grey colour and does not require treatment in general applications.

Its straight grain and moderate hardness combine well to make it an excellent wood to work to very precise dimensions. Imported into the UK as 'shipping dry' (with moisture content as high as 70/80%) but Timbmet, with its hardwood culture, puts it on-stick to air dry prior to trading. 

Product Data

Sapwood - white. Heartwood - dark chocolate brown to salmon-pink
Grain - typically straight and even. Texture - coarse
External/internal joinery, external cladding, conservatories, chalets and high-class sheds
Working Properties
Good working and finishing properties
No.2 clear and better. Shipping dry (some items air drying on stick for kiln drying to order). 19mm to 100mm thickness (some set widths). Sample quantities available; enquire for larger orders
Latin Name
Thuja Plicata
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