Cherry - American

The only true reddish coloured hardwood from the USA. Now being used widely throughout Europe for furniture and shopfitting.

Also popular with bedroom and kitchen furniture manufacturers and as a flooring choice because it finishes beautifully. It presents a lovely figured pattern on its face grain.

You must expect some sap colour and gum pockets (inherent with this species).

Product Data

Sapwood - whitish to reddish-brown. Heartwood - reddish-brown to deep red
Grain - fine. Texture - fine and uniform
Decorative in fine furniture, panelling, high-class joinery, interior doors, screens, shopfitting, flooring and kitchens.
Working Properties
Needs care in drying, saws easily and machines well
FAS square edged. Kiln dried. 1.8m and longer/150mm and wider (allowing 10-15% down to 100mm/125mm and wider). 25mm to 100mm thickness
Latin Name
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