Decorative Veneer Boards

Complimenting our range of melamine faced boards and laminates and laminated products we are able to offer a wide range of realwood veneered panels.

This range now includes:

  • Veneered standard and light MDF
  • Veneered particleboard and timber-core doorblanks
  • Veneered chipboard
  • Veneered plywood and blockboard
  • Veneered flexible MDF
  • Flexible veneers
  • Realwood decorative high-pressure laminate

Veneer cutting

Quarter cut
Veneers are produced by cutting at right angles to the growth rings in the logs. The variations in colour brought about by summer/winter growth produce a straight grain effect.
Crown cut
Veneers are produced by slicing through logs, giving a less-straight grained veneer with more figure and, in general, a more decorative finish.
Rotary cut
The log is mounted on a lathe and rotated to produce an exceptionally wide veneer.

Veneered medium density fibreboard

We hold a comprehensive range in stock at 9 panel depots. The most popular veneers are listed below.

  • American and European, quarter and crown cut Oak
  • American and European Ash
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • White and Steamed Beech
  • Pine
  • Quarter and crown cut Sapele
  • American Black Walnut
  • Wenge

Decorative boards are available veneered on standard, moisture resistant, exterior, flame retardant and light MDF. We are also able to offer more exotic decorative veneers such as Zebrano and Pippy Oak. We are also able to offer pre-finished boards to order.

A wide range of boards that carry FSC or PEFC accreditation are also available from stock.

We can supply Veneer swatches if required to help you choose the correct veneer specification.

Our standard board sizes are 2440 / 3050 x 1220mm with other sizes including 3050 x 2070mm to order. Thickness range varies from 4 to 31mm, with thinner and thicker boards being available to order. We also offer a bespoke “cut-to-size” service and further processed panels.

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