Medite Plus - FSC

Medite Plus MDF is a specially engineered panel with an extra-smooth surface finish.  Enhanced specifically after years of careful research Medite Plus gives superior results with both traditional wood-based finishes and sophisticated powder coating processes.  Its consistent high quality and fine machining properties offer wide design freedom.

Product Data

Medite Plus is produced in the following sizes:
* 1220 x 2440mm
* 1220 x 2745mm
* 1220 x 3050mm
* 2440 x 1830mm
* 1525 x 2440mm
* 1525 x 2745mm
* 1525 x 3050mm

Standard thicknesses produced are:
* 15.0mm
* 16.0mm
* 18.0mm
* 19.0mm
* 22.0mm
* 25.0mm
* 32.0mm - New thicker panel
* 36.0mm - New thicker panel
* 38.0mm - New thicker panel
* 40.0mm - New thicker panel
* 42.0mm - New thicker panel
* 45.0mm - New thicker panel
Designed to maximise the sophisticated finishing processes of the power coating industry and providing similar screwholding capabilities, along with off-the machine finishes comparable with some of the worlds finest hardwoods.

Medite plus additionally has properties that can be further exploited by processors where superior strength characteristics, intricate shaping, edge profiling, face routing to the finest details and membrane pressing may be required.
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