Oak - American Red

Only the UK made use of red Oak in the early days of its introduction into Europe. It is now being used extensively in Germany.

We're certain, as fashion is cyclical by nature, it will be back in favour here before long.

Although non-durable, in our opinion its grain pattern and colour enhances staircases, cabinets, floors and kitchen furniture far more than white Oak and it should be used more widely.

Product Data

Sapwood - whitish to pale reddish-brown. Heartwood - pinkish to light reddish-brown
Grain - straight and open. Texture - coarse
Furniture, internal joinery, fittings, kitchens, floors and doors
Working Properties
Excellent machining and working properties
FAS square edged. Kiln dried. 2.4m and longer/150mm and wider (allowing 10-15% down to 100mm/125mm and wider). 19mm to 100mm thickness.
Latin Name
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